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På NVT har vi en modern maskinpark.
Vi har totalt 14 CNC Maskiner varav 10st CNC-Svarvar där flertalet är fleroperationssvarvar.

Några är även robotbestyckade.

Bilder på våra nyaste maskiner med lite maskininfo.


Muratec MT200 T3


Cnc-svarv med dubbla spindlar, 3 revolvrar med Y-axlar och portalrobot för laddning och plundring.
Antal: 2st

NHX 5000 2nd Generation


High-precision Beyond Imagination 
The NHX 5000 2nd Generation are general-purpose horizontal machining centers enabling high-efficiency, continuous machining and mass production machining in various areas such as the automotive and other mechanical fields. Both models are equipped with our latest spindle, the speedMASTER, ensuring high-speed and stable high-precision machining with the thick, high-rigidity bed. The X- and Z-axis guideways are positioned to maximize the rigidity of the bed, column and spindle. The entire structure is optimized for increased performance in static and dynamic rigidity. As a result, the models achieve the highest level of speed and accuracy demanded of a horizontal machining center. The distance between the spindle end face and the center of the pallet is short, so machining can be done using short tools even near the center of the pallet. This enables the models to deliver stable performance in various types of machining.


DMG Mori NHX 5000 2nd Generation

The DDM (Direct Drive Motor) on the B-axis (option)
Rapid traverse rate of 2,362 ipm (60 m/min) (X/Y/Z), Acceleration of 1G (X/Y/Z)
Direct scale feedback as standard
High-rigidity bed with three-point support
New 41 Hp (31kW) standard spindle achieves 15,000 min-1

 1 st DMG MORI svarv NLX 2500 bestyckad med en Marab robot







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